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Retail Audits

Improve operational standards and compliance across all stores and locations with OPUS4business.

Collect consistent data, standardise operations, identify areas that have failed and get problems resolved quickly!

OPUS Ensure a positive on-site experience through the following

Efficient mobile inspections
Store Audits
Standard operating procedures
Compliance and risk management
Push jobs to mobile and provide immediate response
Resource allocation, scheduling, planning and management
Health and Safety
Automated workflows
Report and analytics
Voids and out-of-stocks
Availability of POS materials
Promotions and Sampling
Price Checks
Store compliance with company standards
Customer opinion
Staff competence and behaviour
Storage conditions and retail space cleanliness

Improve standards in every location

No more paper checklists or manually compiled reports. Collect data more efficiently & frequently, spot issues and trends, act faster.
Evaluate in-store displays & merchandising, Covid-19 safety compliance, health and safety, food hygiene, incident management and more
Check compliance with brand standards, from operating procedures to customer service
From daily self-inspections to monthly store checks, to external audits and mystery shopping

Solve and track Issues

Any staff member can easily raise issues as soon as they occur. Keep track of the progress and solve them together, as a team. Alerts can be raised depending on the issue priority and risk.

100% real-time visibility for management

Is this a recurring failure? Does it affect one or more stores/areas? Is it improving over time, or getting worse?

Get the full story behind the data from smart reports and dashboards, at your fingertips and in real time. Track performance, identify trends, and make data-backed decisions to improve your operations.

Empowered and accountable staff

Equip store and area managers with a tool to quickly spot, track and resolve issues in each store. Corrective actions are immediately assigned to the right people (add unlimited assignees for free!).

Everything is visible on the interactive dashboards: understand gaps and provide additional support or training as necessary.

Automated workflows

Automate your job management process from end to end through powerful operational workflows and data integrations. No more manual data entry.

Reporting and Analytics

Don’t waste time on post-processing and digitisation of audit and inspection reports.

OPUS’s built in business intelligence provides real-time insights on what's happening with detailed reports on historical trends and powerful cross filtering and drill down capabilities. The dashboards and customized reports ensure that all data captured can be used to asses trends and ID issues raised at a store level.