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Job Management & Field Servicing

The all in one solution to manage jobs, field staff, stock, equipment, vehicles quickly and efficiently focusing on service delivery for remote workforce.

OPUS helps with a variety of tasks in managing jobs and field servicing

Resource allocation, scheduling, planning and management
Standard operating procedures
Push jobs to mobile and provide immediate response
Health and Safety
Automatic client report creation
Report and analytics
Stock management
Job costing
Vehicle and Fleet Management
Timesheets and Expenses

Real-time data / image capture

The entire team can actively collaborate on jobs with unlimited users, flexible permissions and features built around exception management. The mobile app allows remote staff to securely record all activities on the job including photos recording incidents and any key activity easily.

Remote job and field management

OPUS4business and OPUS4managers mobile apps provide operators and managers with immediate access to all the data related to jobs. Jobs can be managed remotely while keeping everyone informed on exactly what is happening real-time will on the job. Jobs not started are highlighted immediately.

Automated workflows

Automate your job management process from end to end through powerful operational workflows and data integrations. No more manual data entry.

Reporting and Analytics

OPUS’s built in business intelligence provides real-time insights on what's happening with detailed reports on historical trends and powerful cross filtering and drill down capabilities. The dashboards and customised reports ensure that all data captured can be used to manage the job, cost accurately and manage staff, stock equipment and vehicles effectively.

Health & Safety

Providing staff with a digital operating guide to manage and ensure that all health and safety requirements are complied with in the field, incorporating Health and safety into the job workflow. Automate triggers and alerts are immediately sent back to management.
Mobile App
Phone or Tablet Ideal for remote work force Works off-line and online
Geolocation and Photos
Capture Photos Ensure that the photos are not tampered with Auto geolocation