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Famous Brands Operations Digital Management System (O.D.M.S.)

OPUS makes it possible for Franchise Owners to keep an eye on macro and micro operations at the same time while optimising efficiencies.

OPUS makes it possible

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OPUS helps with a variety of tasks for Franchise Owners

Leads operators through a checklist
Auto Logging (Dates Times & Store)
Handles various types of data capture and checklists from
Photo, Text, Numbers, Bar Codes, Formulas, Temperatures, Ratings
Eliminating paperwork with digital jobs
Automatic follow up and workflow automation
Cloud access to store owners at any point
Manager & staff accountability
Easy to use
Records of all incidents
Full dashboard feedback
Key alerts highlighted
Daily and weekly issues emailed to owners
Historical trend on employee fitness and HR records
Managing expiry dates and temperatures
Reducing wastage
Full spectrum tracability
Manage store reputation
Live Store Feedback
Digital systems ensure that when jobs are captured, all data is immediately made available to owners via the cloud. Alerts bring attention to critical items while workflows automate actions replacing problems with solutions. Finally, owners can see summaries via smart reports and dashboards - with real time data.
Manage All Stock Movements and Production Processes
Capture the details of your stock at each step including temperatures, expiry date, production processes and storage procedures. Take action on variances immediately and keep record of these to help identify patterns which may indicate hidden problems.
Schedule Recurring Jobs
Cut down administration by scheduling repeat jobs. OPUS4business provides an easy to use, fully customisable calendar based scheduler which you can use to drag and drop jobs to be performed according to known timelines. Include more in depth rules such as time limits and delayed notifications to assist staff and managers by providing more defined parameters.
Traceability and Audits
Track and trace everything to ensure you have evidence trails if anything doesn’t go according to plan. By collecting information as you go, a transparent operation is available at any point in time. When it’s time to audit you are able to make immediate comparisons between historical data and what you see in front of you.
Empowered and accountable staff
Equip store and area managers with a tool to quickly spot, track and resolve issues in each store. Corrective actions are immediately assigned to the right people (add unlimited assignees for free!). Everything is visible on the interactive dashboards: understand gaps and provide additional support or training as necessary.
Health and Safety
Providing staff with a digital operating guide to manage and ensure that all health and safety requirements are complied with in the field, incorporating Health and safety into the job workflow. Automate triggers and alerts are immediately sent back to management.

Cost saving estimates per store

R 1 500 per month on print, paper & labour
R 500 per month on maintenance and servicing Fridges
Mitigating reputational risk, Health & Safety Regulations, Food temperatures and expiry dates

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OPUS makes it possible for Franchise Owners to keep an eye on macro and micro operations at the same time while optimising efficiencies.