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The all-in-one solutions to manage staff, jobs/tasks, stock and resources in a business.

Managing and Tracking
Full visibility of all jobs progress and managed centrally. Always know where staff are and the work they are doing
Checklist, scorecards and capture forms
Unlimited customization. From simple checklist to details forms with complex logic and calculations
Exhaustive list of Question Types
80+ question types. From simple options, text & numbers to barcode scanning, photos, digital signatures


Powerful and secure cloud based platform. Connecting operators, sites, projects, jobs, checklists and Items
Filter/search across all data collected
Automated workflows
Custom Reports and extracts

Operators are able to complete a simple easy to use step-by-step checklist within the OPUS mobile app

Works offline, stores the GPS coordinates and is capable of capturing rich media content like photos.

From simple daily question based checklists to intricate monthly audits, OPUS can be customised to suit any business with a mobile workforce. Our simple and easy to use app interface makes pen-and-paper data collection a thing of the past.

Mobile App with auto logging
Work activities are automatically date / time stamped with geo locations
Offline and Online auto sync
Images and data is stored in a secured storage in OPUS, that is removed from the device as soon as the work is completed

Analytics / Reporting

All relevant site, job and operator information is displayed on every report.
All reports are date and time stamped including job duration.
All captured information including photographs and audit details are represented in the report
Reports can be customized